Teodros Gessesse

Teodros Gessesse
Strategic advisor - Online Education

Teodros Gessesse is the CEO and co-founder of Intellimedia Networks in Virginia, USA. Teodros has extensive experience in managing technology applications for a diverse customer base including Fortune 100 companies, U.S. government agencies, financial institutions, large universities and global news broadcasting organizations. Focusing on the delivery of content across a variety of networks to multiple screens, Teodros has had over twenty-five years of experience architecting, developing and deploying highly salable cloud platforms for mission critical applications that have educated, informed and entertained large scale audiences globally. Intellimedia Networks specializes in developing cloud and mobile platforms that enable training, education, entertainment distribution, virtual communications, global broadcast networks, and virtual & immersive reality solutions.

Prior to Intellimedia, Teodros managed the desktop software and cloud streaming services business for VBrick Systems which was a world leader in Internet based video delivery with customers ranging from the U.S. government, large multinational corporations and the top 200 educational institutions in the U.S.

Diversifying his reach into the technology sector, Teodros also participates in a number of firms that provide innovative solutions for global live news delivery, digital payment processing platforms, white glove ride sharing platforms, virtual and immersive reality for real estate ventures and supply side security management training.

In an effort to give back to his community and country, Teodros uses his spare time to focus on the improvement of Ethiopian and in a larger capacity African health in his role as COO of People to People (a U.S. based non-profit organization of African diaspora consisting of over 6,000 medical professionals that seek to improve healthcare). In this capacity Teodros directs the organization on the usage of technology to positively impact the delivery of healthcare services in emerging nations.