BelCash is the proprietor and provider of the 'Hello' brand. We attempt to find the perfect fit for our customers and partners. This heavy focus on customer service, innovation, and professionalism mean that our stakeholders are proud to identify themselves with us. Though each Hello brand represents a different service, they all share one key feature - the mobile phone is the access point for their service. The main focus for Hello brands is what customers want and expect from their respective services.

The Hello brands are aspiring and inclusive, aiming to connect all Ethiopian citizens for a brighter future; a future that unlocks the potential of the country and its diverse people.

The Hello services have allowed the Ethiopian population to access the following services:

Financial inclusion (HelloCash)
Health advice (HelloDoctor)
Market access (HellooMarket )
Labor market access (HelloJobs)
Green energy (HelloSolar)
Logistic (HellooDelivery)

The Hello brands say 'Hello' to their customers and offer them essential services with a high level of convenience, quality, and affordability.

"Hello" brand image