BelCash in the last years has helped more than a million Ethiopians to access to financial services via its flag product HelloCash.

Having proven itself BelCash has decided in 2018 to build a national eCommerce platform serving the Ethiopian population under the name HellOOmarket.

The platform serves over 1 000 suppliers, mainly Small Enterprises, the dynamism of their hardworking and family-oriented owners, is one of the strengths of the Ethiopian economy.

Today HelloEthio is connecting the Ethiopian Diaspora to the motherland , they can now order goods and services that will be delivered to their beloved in Ethiopia.

Basic services as recharging phone airtime or more advanced like disinfecting your family house are provided by the platform.

More than 2500 types of items are today available on HellOOmarket and can be delivered to any owner of an Express Gift Card. All orders are delivered in less than 24 hours in Addis Ababa and 72 hours in the rest of Ethiopia. Delivery always integrates the best practices to protect against COVID-19 practices.
HelloEthio is proud to reinforce the link between the Ethiopian Diaspora and their Beloved ones and to help the Ethiopian economy by providing local businesses global market access.