Get your family’s residence or business disinfected to keep them safe. Ask for a quotation. Service available on any day of the week. Ask a quotation via the menu services before payment.


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Disinfection Process: Mop the cleaned area with water and make sure it's clean Apply or spread or scatter the disinfectant on the area to be cleaned. Wait for 30 seconds so that the chemicals will have enough exposure to the virus. Mop the area from end to end by making sure you scrub hard on the surface, so that the area is cleaned properly. Make sure all areas are covered.Paying special attention to most touched surfaces in the area to be cleaned, we do a round 2 of cleaning. We take disposable cleaning cloths and dip them in disinfectant solution and scrub the most touched surfaces with these clothes.

We wipe them off with another clean wet cloth.Mop all the surfaces with water and make sure they are clean of disinfectant and this finalizes the process.Put all the disposable rags/cloths/sponges/gloves in a plastic trash bag and discard these trash bags. The cleaner has to take a shower and put on change of clothes ideally.