Negede Abebe
Chief Compliance Officer




MBA , International Business, from

American Century University NM, Albuqerque, USA (Distance Leaming) May, 2009

BA Degree, [n Economics from Addis Ababa University. 1984.

  • Certificate, International Bankers course, HSBC. London.
  • Certificate. Computer training (MS-Word, MS- Excel , MS-Access), Ethiopian Institute of Banking and Insurance.
  • Certificate, International Portfolio management, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Certificate, project Appraisal. and Financing UNDP/UNIDO.
  • Certificate, Project Appraisal, Ethiopian [nstitute of Banking & [nsurance.
  • Ce1ificate, Central Banking. Central Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan.
  • Cenificate Credit analysis. Ethiopia Institute of Banking and Insurance.
  • Certificate, Documentary Credits and Foreign Exchange, BCCI, England
  • Certificate, Finance, Ministry of Finance of Germany, Germany.


Certificate [ntemational M-  oney Marker and. Forex Dealing, Citibank


Certificate introduction to SWIFT. Certificate, External Debt, Singapore

Certificate, Business correspondence and support willing Certificate, Treasure Management. HSBC Equator Bank U.K. Certificate  The world Trade Organization and Multilateral Trading System.

Work               1977-2000 National Bank of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,

Experience Ethiopia

2000-2009- Wegagen Bank S.C. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2009 - 2011 Bunna International Bank S.C.


  • President, Bunna lnternationa;\I Bank. S.C 2009-2011


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Plans, co-ordinates, directs , manages, controls and. supervises the overall activities of the Bank;

  • The President shall be the head of the management of the Bank and shall be responsible for its general administration.
  • Acts in the name of the bank for the attainment of its objectives as designated in the Memorandum of Association;
  • Represents the Bank in its international and domestic operations, before alJ public and private bodies. Banks and other financial institutions;
  • Drafts and present to the Board of Directors rules and directives for the Bank for its approval:
  • Directs and supervises the keeping of accounts of the Bank;
  • Convenes management meetings regularly and conduct the day to day operations of the Bank's business;
  • Sets up the Reserve Account and other reserves required by law and these Articles of association and other reserves as may be approved by the General Meeting of the Shareholders;


Delegates his powers vested on him by the Memorandum of Association and these Article of Association or the Board of directors to any officer or staff member of the Bank;

Appoints agents, legal counsel. or any other professional in the interest of the Bank or dismiss the same;

  • With prior knowledge of the Board, open and maintain in the name of the Bank: current accounts with any bank or Banks;

Accepts, draws, makes, executes endorses. discounts, and signs all  draft  checks, bills of exchange, promissory notes. other negotiable instruments and all import and export declarations;

  • Prepares and submits for approval by the Board the work plan and budget of the Bank at least two months before the beginning of the financial year;
  • With the knowledge of the Boa,rd insures the Bank. with any insurance

company or third person against losses, damages, accidents, risks and liabilities of any kind; and

  • Invests on profit generating activities deposits with prior decision of the Board of Directors;
  • Draws up a balance sheet and profit and loss accounts of the Bank at the end of each fiscal year;
  • Presents of reports dealing with the Bank's operations for the preceding year;
  • Presents to the Board of Directors any proposed amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Authorizes of payments of all legal costs, charges and expenses required for the promotion formation and registration of the Bank;
  • On the request of the Board Chairman, prepares the draft. agenda for Board meetings in consultation. with the Secretary of the Board;
  • Presents and coordinates of Board and in co-operation with the Secretary of the Board: and
  • Performs of any act not specifically stated herein but necessary for the attainment of the objective of the Bank;
  • The president may have vice Presidents appointed by the Board. The Vice Presidents shall assist the President and shall carry out duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to them by the president. In the absence of the President he may assign the Vice President/ts.


Vive President, Operations Nov. 2003 Feb. 2009


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, Direct, organize. coordinate, control and supervise the activities of the areas of his work of assignment;

Organize, Control and direct Credit, Domestic Banking, International Banking, Information Technology Department and related activity areas of work;

Direct, Cordinate and supervise the setting up of short medium and. long-range strategic plans. work programs and budgets for the units under hi,; submit and implement same when approved;

Ensure the effective implementation of policy guidelines and the directives related, and any changes thereto are incorporated in relevant manuals;

Ensure that the Units under him and Branches of the Bank execute their works diligently;

Recommend improvements on established operational procedures; Issue operational directives and circulars and memorandum pertaining to operational matters to Branch's and Departments; communicate amendments to directives and instructions;

Present issues of his areas of work for core Management and Management committee's deliberations; participate in meeting of these committees and policy formulation and revision tasks;

Represent the Bank, when delegated, in dealings with third parties including credit to the level set to him;

Advise the President and Management of the Bank's operational policies based on research studies;

Delegates his powers as necessary to appropriate organizational levels Follow-up settlement of overdue loans and checks that legal actions are taken against defaulters; follow-up the status of foreign exchange holding of the Bank maintained in different correspondent banks; Negotiate line of credit with correspondent banks within consultation with the president;


Review the reports of operational activities from Branches and Departments under his supervision and submit summary points to top management of the Bank together with their activities;

Recommend changes in existing banking operation policies and procedures to achieve assigned objectives based on detailed knowledge of the performance capabilities of the Bank;

Review inspection and internal audit report and follows up implementation of recommended measures;

Recommend and follow-up branch expansion and establishment; follows-up progress of establishment and set-up of newly opened branches;

Ensure facilitation of the Departments under him and. the Branches of the bank with material, human and other resources required for their operation;

Ensure that detailed records are kept by each Department and Branches and that they are updated;

Ensure that staff of the Departments under his supervision and Branches of the Bank are properly motivated to enhance performance of the Bank;

Submit progress report of his area of the work periodicaily; Evaluate the performance of subordinates periodically;

Handle correspondences elated to operational activities of the Bank; Performance other duties assigned to him by the President/CEO time to time.



Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Make sure that proper and healthy customer's relations are established  in different units of the department

Build the capacity of the Department by Organizing periodic training programs

Make correspondent relationship with selected overseas banks


Direct and coordinate international banking activities of the Bank; Visit international banking activities of branches to solve administrative and/or operational problems on the spot;

Follow-up the status of foreign exchange holding of the Bank maintained in different correspondent banks;

Negotiate lines of credit with correspondent banks in consultation with the President;

Attend to complaints and inquires of customers, government organizations, divisions, ctions. and on affairs of international banking;

Submit progress report on the Department's activities periodically; Review inspection and audit reports and follows-up their rectification; Communicate to branches through memorandum and circulars of issues related to amendments or changes of international banking operations, directives and instructions received from NBE;

[initiate studies on the development of international banking activities ; Review the reports of international banking activities and submit main summary points to the President/CEO·

Evaluate the performance of subordinates periodically;

Attend Management, Loa and Administrative Committee Meetings; Perform other related duties as assigned by the President.

  • Head Foreign Exchange Follow-up Division

May 1998 - May, 1999



Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and coordinate the operations of the division Review & approve reports forwarded

Follow-up the proper settlement of exporters & [mports commitment Ensure the proper implementation of Directive No. FXD/07/98, and other amendments thereon.

Provide analytical & expertise solutions to problems encountered Following the transfer list of delinquent importers & exporters to commercial banks

Authorized the issuance of clearance certificate


Head, Inter- bank FOREX and Money Market Division Jan 1997 - May 1998


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and coordinate the activities and personnel of the division Conduct international dealings

Assess the genera! financial standing and position of different commercial. banks. Analyze and report the findings to the top management for decision.

Assess and analyze overseas money market operation Follow-up the discounting and rediscounting of securities

Evaluate daily exchange rate and liquidity position of the bank.

Head, Bills and Remittance Division Appril 1994 - Jan. 1997


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and coordinate the work of the division Review and sign documents originated from the Division

Check and counter sign all outgoing and incoming payments Handle correspondences, telex messages and queries from

correspondent banks abroad and local bank, government ministers and organization

Head, External Debt and Investment Division February 1992 - April 1994


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and coordinate the work of the Division

Supervise and handle the forex Investment of the bank and decide where to invest by means of assessing the financial soundness and dependability and capital adequacy of major international banks. Review and sign tickets related to external debit and investment activities.


Senior Credit Analyst September 1990 - Feb. 1992


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze and appraise all loan requests above Birr l ,000.000 presented by Development Bank of Ethiopia, Construction an Business Bank and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. ln analyzing the credits the following duties are performed

Analyze the financial statements of the concerned organizations by using different methods of financial ratios

-     Make project sites to ascertain whether the requested loan is in agreement with the proposal loan

'                                                 -     Make a final recommendations to the decision of the Governors

Head, External Debt Follow-up Section Sept, 1986 - Sept, 1990


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and Coordinate the work. of the Section

  • Perform duties of statistical date of external debt transitions
  • Make periodic report to the top Management

Professional Staff August, 1977 - Sept, 1986


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Perform different clerical and professional duties in different work units of Administration and Foreign Banking Departments of the National Bank of Ethiopia